Lime sorbents

The offer includes the factions:

  • lime sorbent for medium power boilers with a circulating fluidized bed 0.1-0.4 mm
  • >lime sorbent 0 – 0.09 mm
  • lime sorbent 0.4 – 0.8 mm

Power engeneering uses limestone (calcareous sorbents) to bind sulfur, to reduce its emissions to the atmosphere. There are three desulphurization methods:

  • wet
  • semi-dry,
  • dry

CHP industry pay special attention during the desulphurization proces to:

  • sulfur binding capacity (RI and CI indexes)
  • the amount of sorbent used
  • purity and the stability of the ash composition
  • quality gypsum

Sorbents produced on the basis of limestone from the Wierzbica deposit are characterized by:

  • high content of calcium carbonate
  • high porosity
  • excellent indicators: reactivity RI 120 g S / kg

Excellent indicators: reactivity RI <2.5 mol Ca / mol S and absolute sorption CI> 120 g S / kg

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