Limestone for industrial use

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Limestone for industrial use
Limestone for industrial use


The offer includes the following categories:

  • limestone 80 – 120 mm
  • limestone 60 – 80 mm
  • limestone 40 – 80 mm
  • limestone 20 – 60 mm
  • limestone 0 – 80 mm
  • limestone 0 – 4 mm

Unlike aggregates for use in construction and road construction, the most important feature in this group of products is their chemical and granulometric composition, often determined individually by each recipient depending upon the particular customer’s needs.

These products are used in the following industries:

Metallurgy iron and steel
Limestone is used as a flux in blast furnaces as a flux when smelting pig iron. Quicklime is used in agglomeration processes, however, mainly in steel furnaces for removing impurities from steel, such as sulfur, silicon, or phosphorus.

Sugar industry
The sugar industry requires a large amount of lime consumption, but almost entirely produced in-house. Therefore, the lime industry supplies the sugar industry esentially only with limestone. The most harmful admixtures of limestone from the sugar industry point of view include: silica, aluminum, and iron compounds, alkalis, and to a lesser extent, magnesium carbonate.

Cement industry
For the production of aluminous cement, the second basic raw material, apart from the raw material with a high content of Al2O3 (bauxite), is high-purity limestone with a low content of SiO2 and Fe2O3.

Paper industry
Lime is one of the most important ingredients used in the paper industry in the production of cellulose pulp, as well as fillers. Most paper mills carry out their own lime burning process based on limestone and recycle some of the lime used in this process.

Energy (for flue gas desulphurization)
Limestone, depending on the technology of flue gas treatment, is used in the form of ground quicklime, hydrazed lime or in the form of limestone flour. Among the sorbents that can be used in flue gas cleaning processes, lime products are by far the least expensive.

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