Aggregates and fillers for road construction

Declaration of conformity
Aggregates and fillers for road construction
Aggregates and fillers for road construction

Aggregates and fillers

The offer includes the following categories:

  • aggregate with continuous graining 0 – 63 mm
  • aggregate with continuous graining 0 – 31.5 mm
  • fine aggregate 0 – 2 mm
  • fine aggregate 0 – 4 mm
  • coarse aggregate 31.5 – 63 mm
  • aggregate 0 – 0.09 mm

Undertaking trade in aggregates intended for use in construction (both road and concrete) requires the meeting of all of the requirements of harmonized standards, including initial type tests, constant quality supervision under the Factory Production Control system and CE marking. The aggregates produced in the „Wierzbica” Limestone Mine have received the Factory Production Control Certificate No. 1023-CPD-0239 F and are assessed using the 2+ system.

In this group of products, the physical and mechanical properties of the rock raw material and the granulometric parameters of the produced aggregate categories are especially important.

Aggregates used in road construction, depending on their intended use, should be classified according to one of the applicable standards:

  • PN-EN 13242 „Aggregates for unbound and hydraulically bound materials used in buildings and road construction”
  • PN-EN 13043 „Aggregates for bituminous mixtures and surface treatments for roads, airfields and other traffic areas”

The above standards define the properties: geometric, physical, mechanical, chemical of the aggregate, and so provide categories of requirements for assessing its quality. They do not, however, define aggregate requirements for specific applications, leaving such definitions to the respective CEN member countries.

The documents implementing the provisions of the PN-EN 13043 and PN-EN 13242 standards for use on national roads of the Republic of Poland are the technical requirements WT-1 and WT-4, respectively. Technical Guidelines – 4 (WT-4) „Unbound mixtures for national roads” specify the requirements for aggregate intended for the production of unbound mixtures for the base layers, unbound aggregate pavement and improved subgrade, and are based on the classification in accordance with PN-EN 13242. The requirements for mixtures of unbound aggregates, however, are based on the classification in accordance with PN-EN 13285. Requirements for aggregates for mixtures not bound to the improved subgrade and subgrade layers presented in Table 1 [WT-4] allow the use of limestone aggregates from the Wierzbica deposit for unbound mixtures intended for use in the improved subgrade layer and auxiliary substructure of road pavement loaded with traffic, as specified in KR1-KR6.

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