Micronized lime powder

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Micronized lime powder
Micronized lime powder

MCC (Micronized Calcium Carbonate)

As a functional filler can occur in a surface-modified form, thanks to the use of modifiers causing surface hydrophobization, and in an unmodified form.

Our calcium carbonate is a product of processing natural Jurassic limestone of high chemical purity, low hardness, and high degree of brightness.

MCC/Product is characterized by optimal particle distribution, high content of calcium carbonate, cubicity of grains, and (due to low hardness) reduced abrasive effect, which affects the worn equipment for pressing, extrusion, injection molding, or other plastic shaping processes.

Micronized Calcium Carbonate is an excellent proposition for companies that are taking into consideration their ecological image. It is 100% natural and recyclable and reduces polyolefins’ consumption.

MCC in the modified form and without surface modification is used as a material in the production of:

  • paints, varnishes, and coating
  • adhesives and sealants
  • from synthetic materials
  • concentrates (dyeing and others)
  • household and cosmetic chemistry

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