Hydro-Technical stone

Declaration of conformity
Hydro-Technical stone
Hydro-Technical stone

Stone fractions for hydrotechnical works

Among others, we offer:

  • Hydrotechnical stone 63-125
  • Hydrotechnical stone 80-150
  • Hydrotechnical stone 100-250
  • Hydrotechnical stone 150-300
  • Hydrotechnical stone 200-500
  • Hydrotechnical stone 300-500
  • Hydrotechnical stone 500-800

We have the ability to produce other fractions of hydro-technical stone tailored to the specific needs of our customers. In such a case, please contact our Customer Service Office.

Our hydro-technical stone complies with the PN-EN 13383-1 standard. This stone is characterized by low water absorption and high frost resistance. It can be successfully used for waterfront reinforcements, watercourses regulation, dry tanks, retaining walls, and gabions.

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