Fillers for construction chemistry – ultra dry filler

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Fillers for construction chemistry – ultra dry filler
Fillers for construction chemistry – ultra dry filler

Ultradry Filler

Ultra- Dry limestone filler is an innovative fine-grained product obtained from the „Wierzbica” deposit. It is used in the production of the highest quality construction chemicals, such as: emulsions, glues, putties, paints, bitumen, concretes, mortars, plasters, etc. The product is offered as limestone flour or filling aggregate with a grain fraction customized to the given customer’s needs.

Our product is exceptionally-demanded on the market among suppliers of carbonate fillers as a result of the combination of unique physical and chemical parameters of the deposit from which it was made and the use of innovative solutions related to its processing.

The production of ultra-dry filler is based on the selective exploitation of a Jurassic limestone deposit with unique chemical parameters. These are, inter alia, high content of calcium carbonate (oscillating around 99%), low content of coloring compounds of iron or manganese and low content of silica.

With such parameters, ultra-dry filler intended for construction chemicals has a purity level of 98%-99% calcium carbonate content and is characterized by high brightness of 93. This feature is particularly important for manufacturers of construction chemicals – high brightness level means that the manufacturer does not have to add large amounts of expensive additives (e.g. titanium white) to their products. The benefits of reducing the proportion of titanium white in paints are of great importance in terms of ecological priorities regarding paint. The energy-intensive production of titanium white is associated with CO2 and SO2 emissions, resulting in global warming and acidification of the atmosphere.

Innovative technology for the production of ultra-dry fillers from the Wierzbica deposit allows for reductions in the moisture content of the product to a maximum level of 0.05%, and also gives the grains an appropriate (low) hardness.

According to the technological solution developed as part of the R+D (Research and Development) works, drying the feed at each stage of the technological process, it is possible to effectively counteract the agglomeration of grains to achieve a moisture index thus far unattainable by any other company to the European scale. Reduced humidity has a decisive impact on reducing the risk of re-caking or the agglomeration of dusty product, which in turn results in significant energy, material and time savings for EGM’s customers, and therefore measurable ecological benefits.

This new product offered by EGM is characterized by a hardness of approx. 66. This hardness has a direct effect on the small abrasion effects, thereby reducing the negative effect on equipment, not only in production, but also directly related to construction services (measurable economic benefits).

The pH indicator fluctuates below the level of 8.5 (slightly alkaline). That way, it is possible to use a non-reactive filler, compatible with various adhesives for a range of construction chemicals. The slightly alkaline pH reaction of the filler in water-based suspension makes it ideal (e.g. for use in emulsion and dispersion paints).

Low oil number makes it possible to increase the amount of filler in the product without negatively affecting its final properties, which also impact the favorable price of this product. The level of this indicator in the EGM product is below 18.

Ultra-Dry filler produced by EGM S.A. is characterized by very good rheological qualities.
Actually-completed R+D works confirm that the fillers based on limestone from the „Wierzbica” deposit are characterized by the highest cubic grain size compared to alternative production technologies.

Innovative fine-grained flour provides benefits for the percentage of construction chemicals, for example, by improving the application of limestone flour in final products or by reducing the wear of movable parts in such devices.

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