Limestone flour for the glass industry (glass-premium)

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Limestone flour for the glass industry (glass-premium)
Limestone flour for the glass industry (glass-premium)


Calcium carbonate in the form of limestone flour, quartz sand and sodium carbonate, are the basic raw materials for the production of glass.

Limestone flour GLASS-PREMIUM is dedicated to the production of packaging glass and glass float type. It is characterized by the following properties:
unique chemical purity and high homogeneity, CaCO₃ content oscillating around 99%, low iron content, reduced content of dusty fractions, granulation adjusted to individual customer needs.

Limestone flour GLASS-PREMIUM it is offered in 2 grain classes

fine grain: basic fractions from 45um to 200um, from 100um to 400um, from 100um to 800um
coarse-grained: basic fractions from 800um to 1400um, from 800umto 1600um

Specification of the GLASS-PREMIUM:

  • Fe2O3 content [%]: 0.03
  • Mn2O3 content [%]: 0.00
  • CaO content [%]: 55.4
  • Porosity (mercury intrusion volume) [ml/g]: 0.07
  • Dust fraction content <0.045 [%]: 4
  • Content of parts insoluble in HCl [%]: 0.08
  • Total surface area [m2 / g]: 1.0
  • Open porosity [%]: 11
  • Permeability [mdarcy]: 0.03

EGM’s offers also includes STANDARD limestone flour.

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